About us

Our Mission is to offer quality education based in creating habits and values, while utilizing special programs that enhance the educational, artistic, and personal processes of every child. Using technology, a warm environment, and real-life experience to identify ourselves as a Pre-school center that delivers to all our your children’s requirements.

We have more than 22 years in the market, and we stand out thanks to our trained staff that oversees the children’s well-being and happiness.

Our founders are always present.

Our Teachers

Jessica Hernández

«A teacher leaves a mark for eternity, you never know when their influence stops. «

Centro Preescolar

Natalie Torres

«Teaching is a job performed from the heart.»

Anabelle Valdés

«The best teacher is not the most knowledgeable, but the one who teaches the ways of life with love and dedication.»

Erica Díaz

«The best way to make a good child is to make them happy»

Samantha Famiglietti

«If you have the courage to teach, never stop learning.»

Paola Herrera

«The art of teaching is the art of assisting in discovering. «

Dinah Hernández

«Imagination is the pencil with which the child draws his greatest adventures»

Kadin Cedeño
English Teacher

“Be positive, patient, and persistent»

estimulación temprana smart kids

Maria del Rosario Palacios
Speech Therapy

Where can you find us

Brisas del Golf (Main road), Panama City, Panama

Telephone Numbers: +507 390-8900 / 390-8902 / 390-8903

Whatsapp and Cellphone: +507 6454-8745

Email: infokids@smartkids.edu.pa